About Us

Chahana Media Private Ltd is a professional music company established in B.S. 2068 with the mission to support musicians and singers working in the field of Nepali music to produce, distribute and promote their music. A year later we further expanded our operations by establishing our sister concern Bagina Digital Pvt. Ltd, which currently has its own popular You Tube channel, Music of Nepal. In 2074 we decided to venture in the news business and established an online news portal www.tapaikokhabar.com, which has gained steady popularity in the Nepali online news world.

We established our own recording studio in 2074 with the objective of providing a full range of services for the music business including the production of music videos, advertisements, documentaries, and other musical programs for TV channels. One such program, Fulbari, which airs from Nepal Television, has gained tremendous popularity among the viewers and music lovers in Nepal and in the Diaspora. We are also proud to have contributed in the Nepali music and art industry by employing around 80 musicians and artists in our company.

We are a proud member of the Nepal Producers Society, which is an association of music produces working in the Nepali music industry. Through our affiliation with the Society, we have tirelessly worked for the benefit of artists and musicians in Nepal and have so far organized many musical programs with the primary aim to aid musicians and artists.